What do you do for a living ?

What do you do for a living ?
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Now, almost 10 PM. You will go to bed ?

All everyone know that, after they meet and talk together about name, ages, address, they will ask about job. At two previous posts, I shared about name, ages. I will talk about address later. Because I have an idea that is job. Is it not right ?

In VietNamese, to ask about job, there are 3 common phrases:

  1. Anh/ chị làm nghề gì ạ ?
  2. Anh/ chị làm việc gì ạ ?
  3. Anh/ chị đang làm gì ạ ?


Because your friends have not the same ages so you must use pronouns extractly. “Ạ” was used to restrect to your friends. When you ask, they can answer:

  1. Mình đang làm …..
  2. Mình làm nghề….


Time experience:

  1. Được… tháng/ năm
  2. Mới làm


In English, I see the similar questions :

  1. What do you do for a living ?
  2. What’s your job ?


And answers:

  1. I’m…
  2. I’m work at


Job is one of the main topic to talk. Beside people talk about hobbies. If they have the same benefits, they will care more.

A few jobs are similar in both languages:

  1. Bác sỹ: doctor
  2. Giáo viên: teacher
  3. Kỹ sư: engineer
  4. Nông dân: farmer
  5. Tài xế: driver
  6. Công nhân: worker
  7. Nghệ sỹ: artist
  8. Doanh nhân: entrepreneur
  9. Cảnh sát: police


Do u have addtional questions ? Feel free to comment below:

P.S: You can read more VietNamese version

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