Start with Why

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Most people when read this headline, they will remember book title of Simon Sinek. It's famous book.

With about 10 years experience, I combined all knowledge about personal development and business development into 4Whys

Let start with Why

What's 4whys?

They are 4 element:

  1. 4 Whys of Jihn Rohn in 7 Strategies book:
  • Why should you try?
  • Why not?
  • Why not you?
  • Why not now?

2. Why aren't you rich already? : When a boy asked a rich man. He answered: why aren't you rich already? and smile. It's simple. You only write all reason you aren't rich already

3. 5Whys: 5 questions or more to find cause of problem. It's used in Toyota.

4. Article:

  • Headline: Why me? You must write why your reader must read your article
  • Main body: there are 4 structure ( What- Why-How, How-Why-What, Why-How-What, Why-What-How)
  • Call to action: 3Whys, Why you?, Why buy? and Why now?

I shared the hardest

And the rest is up to you.

P.S: Start with Why is the title of Simon Sinek'sbook. It said about the structure: Why-How-What. Customers don't buy product, they buy solution. Customers don't buy solution, they buy Reason.

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