Let’s pronounce together: “I” vowel
Hey buddy, Today it’s cold day. What the weather is it in your home town ? We will pronounce together. Today, it’s I vowel. In Vietnamese, we call “i ngắn” with “y dài”. It is 6th vowel that character is not a special symbol. Ok, we will practice together now Pronounciation I vowel I Ì… (0 comment)

Let’s pronounce together: “A” Vowel
Hey guys! Today is Monday. Have a nice week! There is a saying that” Think big, act small”. Learning foreign languages, especially Vietnamese, I think it’s similar. We should begin the first lesson. It’s “A” vowel. Let’s practice. OK? “A” vowel in Vietnamese is first sound like other languages. In Alef-Beth alphabet of Phoenician, Aramaic,… (0 comment)

Let’s pronounce together: “Ă” vowel
After I publish the first post that is about A vowel, I continue to write the next post: “Ă”. Let’s pronounce together. Perhaps, it’s a special vowel in Vietnamese. With 5 tones, except “sắc” tone 🙂 Common words are with this vowel: Ăn Thằng Sắp Chẳng Sẵn Chặt Pronounciation Ă vowel First, we pronounce :… (0 comment)

Let’s pronounce together: “Ê” vowel
Hi, I just found out. About 11 vowels in Vietnamese, I’m writing  5th vowel. It’s “Ê” vowel. 😀 I saw on Facebook group, there is one foreign person that ask for help how to pronounce “E” and “Ê”. So perhaps this post helps. Actually, you need to practice more, you will pronounce well. Today, I… (0 comment)

Let’s pronounce together: “” vowel
Hi! Good morning! So cool to talk to you about Vietnamese. Monday, I will talk about “” vowel. OK? “” is the third vowel in 11 vowels of Vietnamese. Also is the 3rd alphabet in the Vietnamese alphabet. We will pronounce together? Pronounciation:  vowel First, “” vowel: ÂM syllable: ẦM syllable: Ấm syllable: Ẩm… (0 comment)

Let’s pronounce together:”E” vowel
Hi, I’ve written 3 posts about the 3 first vowels: A, Ă, Â. Sure, you knew how to pronounce Vietnamese vowels. Today, I will talk about vowel: E. Let’s pronounce together: Pronounciation E vowel First, “E” vowel: E È É Ẻ Ẽ Ẹ Second, “EM”: EM ÈM ÉM ẺM ẼM ẸM Next, “EN”: EN ÈN… (0 comment)