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Hello guy,

Last week, you watched my post about WordPress Theme. I shared in it with Beginner Theme of Theme Junkie. It’s simple theme to build blog. Advantage is basic interface with 2 colors: white and grey. It has layout that is easy to understand and configure. I hope it helps you to install Theme for your blog.

Today, I will talk Push notification. Yes, did you see it when you visit a website. It’s notification to invite follow with 2 buttons: allow or don’t allow. If you allow, when website’s admin update new post, it will notify to you know. If you use Push notification on mobile, you will understand as easy as possible.

This is way to attract visitors. And you know that,especially, if you visit it on moblie. Many visitors will not care about it.  Don’t worry. It’s no problem. Other people will like it.


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