“Nice to meet you” in VietNamese and English

“Nice to meet you” in VietNamese and English
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I just found out. First impressive is the most important. When you met your friend at first time, friendly or not, it will be in your friend’s mind. So it’s interesting to compare this phrases in VietNamese and English. How to say it in two languages?

For VietNamese, we usually don’t use this pharses to talk. If we use, there are a few phrases:

  1. Rất vui được gặp bạn
  2. Rất vui được biết bạn
  3. Thật vui khi làm quen với bạn
  4. Tôi đã được nghe nhiều về bạn
  5. Hâm mộ bạn đã lâu ( uncommon)


In English, common phrase is “Nice to meet you”. Beside, native speaker also use many another phrases:

Grave situation:

  1. Pleased to meet you
  2. It’s a pleasure to meet you
  3. It’s been a pleasure meeting you


Friendly situation:

  1. It’s lovely to meet you
  2. Glad to meet you
  3.  It was lovely meeting you


Both situations:

  1. How wonderful to meet you
  2. Great seeing you
  3. Great interacting with you
  4. I had a great meeting/ great time


I only knew any common phrases to use when you want to replace “Nice to meet you”. I will add later. Hope it’s right and useful for you.

Thank you following! Have a nice day!

P.S: You can read more VietNamese version:

Cách bày tỏ niềm vui lần đầu gặp mặt

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