Install Add to post Plugin to Insert Opt in form into your post

Install Add to post Plugin to Insert Opt in form into your post
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Hi guy,

At post” opt in form” I shared about the important of Opt in form. I used some plugins to create it. One of them is Add to post plugin.

Because it’s old plugin and not update from 2012, so if you want to use it, you can download it and active on Plugins tab.


Although it’s old, Add to post is still interesting and useful. More 700 people installed and actived. Add to post plugin was tested 3.0 WordPress version.

It’s author is Howie Nguyen. His blog is HowWhoWhen

He is a blogger and affiliate marketer. If you have questions, you can contact at:

Google +: Howie Nguyen

Twitter: HowWhoWhen

How to install Add to post ?

Step 1: Download from WordPress.org:

Add to Post

Step 2: Upload from your computer to your blog

Step 3: Active it

How to Add opt in form to your posts ?

You find Add to post in Settings


In Add to post Settings, you can choose add to top or add to bottom or both. You copy form code into area then tick “v” into Enable. Finally, click” Save changes”

You can Opt in Form on my website:

At top:

At bottom:

Hope this helps,



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