How to do Internet Marketing like a Professional

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There are 2 types of Online Business:

  1. Online Retail in Self-Employee of Cashflow Quadrant
  2. Platform Business in Business Owner of Cashflow Quadrant

Most people do Online Retail. It's not wrong. It's difference about mindset.

Platform Business depends on Platform Revolution more 20 years ago. Platform is the open-door to Business Owner of Cashflow Quadrant. Robert Kiyosaki said this thing in Russell Brunson's book that is Expert Secrets.

Internet mainly has 2 types of web: Social Media and Marketplace. Social Media, everyone can up content and comment like Facebook, YouTube… Marketplace is place that everyone buy and sell like Amazon…

Platform is bridge between Social Media and Marketplace. Any Platform:

  1. Clickfunnels
  2. BuilderAll
  3. Digital Marketer
  4. RainMaker
  5. Affilorama
  6. MLSP
  7. Easy1up

All above in America

Some platform are in Asia that I know:

  1. Online Business Secrets- Ewen Chia, Singapore
  2. FusionHq:Leon Jay- Thailand
  3. 25dollar1up:India

Maybe there are more…

I think Platform is a Course within

  1. D4U: Traffic, Optin page, Follow-up Email
  2. Toolkit suite: Site Builder, Autoresponder, and CRM
  3. Support: Leader, Sponsor/Mentor, Trainer, Coach, Expert, Supporter, Community

Course contains:

  1. Success Mindset
  2. Proven Strategy
  3. Real World Example
  4. Step by Step Instruction

Course has structure: Mindset- Strategy- Example- Instruction

Work by 4 Tabs:

Chrome with 4 tabs:

  1. Done for you: Using Evernote to save
  2. Spin/Rewrite/Paraphrasing
  3. Checker
  4. Auto Tools: Auto Post, Autoresponder

Only health to Copy &Paste from Tab 1 to Tab 2, Tab 2 to Tab 3, Tab 3 to Tab 4. After that, check and by number.

Well, what do you think?

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