“Hello” in the many languages

“Hello” in the many languages
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Hey guy! What’s up today ?

Well, you know that, “Hello” is word that begin a greeting. In English, there are many words to use in another times at each day. For example: good morning,good afternoon, and good evening.

In many languages, they use the same word :

  • French: Salut! Bonjour (afternoon) ! Bonsoir! ( after 06:00 PM)
  • German:Hallo!, Guten Morgen, Guten Abend!
  • Italian:Ciao!, Buongiorno, Buona sera!
  • Portuguese:Olá, Bom dia, Boa noite
  • Spanish:Hola, Buenos Días!, Buenas Tardes!
  • Latin:Heus!, Salvē!
  • Greek:Yia (sou/sas)   Γεια (σου/ σας), KalimEra   Καλημέρα, KalispEra   Καλησπέρα
  • Russian: privEt   Привет!, dObraye Utra   Доброе утро!, dObriy dEn/ vEcher (day/evening)   Добрый день/ вечер!
  • Mandarin: Ni3 hao3!   你好, zǎo shàng hǎo/ zǎo   早上好/ 早, Xia4 wu3 hao3!/ Wan3 shang4 hao3!   下午好!/ 晚上好!
  • Hindi: Namastey!   नमस्ते, Suprabhaat   सुप्रभात, Shubh sundhyaa.   शुभ संध्या


It’s cool when you wake up everyday, you can use “Hello” in many languages.

Have a nice day. See you next post.

P.S: You can this post’s VietNamese version here:

VietNames Version

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