“Nice to meet you” in VietNamese and English
I just found out. First impressive is the most important. When you met your friend at first time, friendly or not, it will be in your friend’s mind. So it’s interesting to compare this phrases in VietNamese and English. How to say it in two languages? For VietNamese, we usually don’t use this pharses to… (0 comment)

Let’s pronounce together: “A” Vowel
Hey guys! Today is Monday. Have a nice week! There is a saying that” Think big, act small”. Learning foreign languages, especially Vietnamese, I think it’s similar. We should begin from first lession. It’s “A” vowel. Let’s practice. OK? “A” vowel in VietNamese is first sound like another languages. In Alef-Beth alphabet of Phoenician, Aramaic,… (0 comment)

Asking about health in VietNamese
Hey guy! I have just found out that asking about health is a common question used all over the world. After you say” Hello”, you often ask your friends about health. In VietNamese, we usually ask by common sentences as below: ” Dạo này khỏe chứ ?” “Dạo này có khỏe không?” “Cậu vẫn ổn… (0 comment)

“Hello” in the many languages
Hey guy! What’s up today ? Well, you know that, “Hello” is word that begin a greeting. In English, there are many words to use in another times at each day. For example: good morning,good afternoon, and good evening. In many languages, they use the same word : French: Salut! Bonjour (afternoon) ! Bonsoir! (… (0 comment)

Welcome to my blog
Hey guy. Nice to meet you. You’re welcome. It’s my blog that is about Language exchange. Main languages are VietNamese and English. And many languages. I create this blog to exchange, learn and improve foreign language skills. My native language is VietNamese. The second language is English. I’m learning English. And I also learn Spanish,… (0 comment)
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