Asking about ages in VietNamese and English
Hi, It’s so nice to learn more and write when I will go to to bed.How do you feel ? In VietNamese, ages are very important to talk to people that are not in family. VietNamese use pronouns in family to talk to other people like brothers. And we call “đồng bào”. For older ones,… (0 comment)

Let’s pronounce together: “” vowel
Hi! Good morning! So cool to talk to you about VietNamese. Monday, I will talk about “” vowel. OK? “” is third vowel in 11 vowels of VietNamese. Also is 3rd character in VietNamese alphabet. We will pronunce together ? Pronounciation:  vowel First, “” vowel: ÂM syllable: ẦM syllable: Ấm syllable: Ẩm syllable: Ẫm… (0 comment)

Ask about name in VietNamese
Hi! When you began to greet and after you asked about health, what’ll you do ? Yes, you know that, we usually ask about name. In VietNamese, last ame is in front of first name. And sur name is in middle of them. Once upon a time, boy’s sur name is Văn. Girl’s is Thị.… (0 comment)

Let’s pronounce together: “Ă” vowel
After I publish first post that is about A vowel, I continue to write next post: “Ă”. Let’s pornounce together. Perhaps, it’s special vowel in VietNamese. With 5 tones, except “sắc” tone 🙂 Common words are with this vowel: Ăn Thằng Sắp Chẳng Sẵn Chặt   Pronounciation Ă vowel First, we pronounce : “Ă” Ăn:… (0 comment)

Hello! Today is Wednesday. It’s sunny day. It’s Winter. In this post, I will share about 100 core VietNamese words. I researched at: And analysis to topics. Actually, there are 102 words. Both single word and complex words. Time: Tuần Năm Hôm nay Ngày mai Ngày hôm qua Giây Giờ Phút Lịch Đồng hồ Một… (0 comment)
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