How to ask your friend’s address in VietNamese
Good morning! Today, I will talk about how to ask your friend’s address in VietNamese.  Actually, I must talk before I share post about jobs. Because I’ve forgotten, so I will talk. In VietNam, address is included: House number- Street-ward-district-city. In the country side, it’s: House number- “Thôn”- “Xã”- “Huyện”- “Tỉnh”. When VietNamese ask about… (0 comment)

Let’s pronounce together: “I” vowel
Hey buddy, Today it’s cold day. What the weather is it in your home town ? We will pronounce together. Today, it’s I vowel. In VietNamese, we call “i ngắn” with “y dài”. It is 6 th vowel that character is not special symbol. Ok, we will practice together now Pronounciation I vowel I Ì… (0 comment)

Let’s pronounce together: “Ê” vowel
Hi, I just found out. About 11 vowels in VietNamese, I’m writing  5 th vowel. It’s “Ê” vowel. 😀 I saw on Fcaeboook group, there is one foreign person that ask for helping how to pronounce “E” and “Ê”. So perhaps this post helps. Actually, you need to practice more, you will pronounce well. Today,… (0 comment)

What do you do for a living ?
Hi, Now, almost 10 PM. You will go to bed ? All everyone know that, after they meet and talk together about name, ages, address, they will ask about job. At two previous posts, I shared about name, ages. I will talk about address later. Because I have an idea that is job. Is it… (0 comment)

Let’s pronounce together:”E” vowel
Hi, I’ve written 3 posts about the 3 first vowels: A, Ă, Â. Sure, you knew how to pronunce VietNamese vowels. Today, I will talk about next vowel: E. Let’s pronounce together: Pronounciation E vowel First, “E” vowel: E È É Ẻ Ẽ Ẹ Second, “EM”: EM ÈM ÉM ẺM ẼM ẸM Next, “EN”: EN… (0 comment)
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