Asking about health in VietNamese

Asking about health in VietNamese
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Hey guy!

I have just found out that asking about health is a common question used all over the world. After you say” Hello”, you often ask your friends about health.

In VietNamese, we usually ask by common sentences as below:

  1. ” Dạo này khỏe chứ ?”
  2. “Dạo này có khỏe không?”
  3. “Cậu vẫn ổn chứ ?”
  4. “Ăn ngủ tốt chứ?”
  5. “Trông cậu béo tốt hẳn “


In other languages, there are some expressions to ask for someone’s health

  1. In English: How are you ? What’s up? How’re you doing? ( Perhaps its origin is from Friends sitcom)
  2. In French: Comment allez vous ?
  3. In Spanish: Como estas ?
  4. In Portuguese: Como vai você ?
  5. In German: Wie geht’s dir/lhnen?
  6. In Italian: Como state?
  7. In Mandarin: Ni3 hao3 ?


Do you know any other phrases ? Can you share with me ? Thank you!

P.S: You can read Vietnamese version named “Cách hỏi thăm sức khỏe của người Việt”.


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