Ask about name in VietNamese

Ask about name in VietNamese
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When you began to greet and after you asked about health, what’ll you do ? Yes, you know that, we usually ask about name. In VietNamese, last ame is in front of first name. And sur name is in middle of them. Once upon a time, boy’s sur name is Văn. Girl’s is Thị. For 30-40 years, it is uncommon. And sur name is variety.

Any popular first name is Tùng, Thảo, Tuấn, Anh… They are Han Viet words.

When VietNamese met a person at first time, we ask:

  1. Bạn tên là ?
  2. Tên bạn là ?
  3. Bạn là


Common answer is : Mình là….  In the another situation, we use many pronouns. “Mình” and “bạn” are pronouns that use for stranger or  is easy to speak.

In English, you know that: What’s your name ? And answers are:

  1. My name is
  2. I’m


First name of American and British is in front of last name. Some common names are John, Peter, Ben… Last name is in Top 10 that is Smith. It mean “thợ rèn”. There are 4 ways to create last name:

  1. Son of father with private name: Anderson mean Ander’s son
  2. Parts of body: Armstrong
  3. Local: Hill
  4. Job: Smith, baker, farmer


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