Why I invite you to write to me?

My reason is to support you an opportunity to practice languages, exchange languages, build the relationship, promote your blog, drive traffic and of course, you know that make money ( in some cases, you can add affiliate links). When you write to me, you also get many values for you. Let give and take it.

What’s do you write to me ?

Yes, You can write to me about:

  1. Vietnamese
  2. English
  3. Southern Chinese: Cantonese, Hakka, Hokkien, Teochew, Shanghainese
  4. Esperanto
  5. Language Exchange
  6. Book Review, Zen Jokes

All your posts must have value. Minimum word count is 600.

How you write for me ?

  1. You can register here
  2. You write and send me
  3. I will review and accept then send a notification for you

How to write?

First, I think you should read:

  1. Welcome
  2. Chào mừng

You can use both: text and embedded content

Don’t share and talk about 6 topics:

If share and talk, your post and account will be deleted.

If you are learning more about Gutenberg Editor of WordPress, you can read this page below:

How to use Gutenberg Editor simplest (coming soon)

Any documents to improve your writting skill (it’s only Amazon link, not my affiliate link. I’ve read them in Vietnamese :D)

  1. How to write a Good Advertisement- Victor O. Schwab
  2. The ultimate sales letter- Dan Kennedy
  3. Hypnotic writing-Joe Vitale

Copyright, term and policy

  1. Digiprove
  2. Berne Convention
  3. Creative Common
  4. DMCA
  5. Privacy Policy
  6. Terms and Conditions
  7. Disclaimer
  8. McAfee & Trustedsite

Hope this helps!

Thanks you for reading !

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