Do you want to become fluent in VietNamese?

tungvision.com will help you!

Most people say that: Native speakers be always right.

I’m Tung Le and is Vietnamese. My homeland is Son Tay Town, Ha Noi, the capital of Viet Nam. I’m a blogger and language lover. I would like to meet all friends in the world and help to speak fluently like Vietnamese.

Email: admin@tungvision.com

Mobile Phone: (84)983927482

517 Chua Thong Street, Son Loc Ward,

Son Tay Town, Ha Noi, Viet Nam



  1. Tiếng Việt: written by Vietnamese with series: Cùng nhau phát âm, Hội thoại cơ bản, Thành ngữ
  2. English: written by English with series: Let’s pronounce together, Basic conversation, idiom and proverb
  3. Esperanto: written by Esperanto
  4. Hán Nôm: written by Traditional Chinese character, vernacular Southern Chinese, and Nom script
  5. One minute relaxation: most interesting like fun quiz, zen joke, language exchange, culture exchange…

You can contact anytime through: chat, voice mail, feedback and contact me page. I’m very interested in your feedback.

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