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3 location to create opt in form

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Last week, there is a post about Theme Beginner of Theme Junkie. I’m using it for my blog. I see it’s useful to build apperance. It’s simple and visual for visitors. It only 2 colors: grey and white. So it’s not complex, hard to see.

After active a theme, I need create opt in form to attact visitors. Keeping them and continue to notification new post when I write. So opt in form is like the door to open lastest content.

How do feel about it ?

I feel it’s very important. Use it to have email list:

  • Notification new post
  • Send instantly a campaign
  • Follow up, promote and sell product
  • Invite to join webinar


70 % visitors will exit your site after they read a post to find solution for their problem. If you want they come back, you should have their email.

On opt in form, there are 2 fields: first name and email. On top, there is headline to attract them. You should give a gift like an ebook or a course. Beside, it’s ebook cover.

When I begin to create opt in form, I’m very happy. Because I understood it’s a effective way to keep visitors, have more traffic.

So I will create at least 3 form. They are at side bar, post and pop up. They are 3 location that visitors will see fastest.

I’m worry I will use all in one plugin or multi plugins to create them. If I only all in one plugin, I don’t see plugin that is enough features. And I only multi, my blog will load slowly. Visitors will not be patience and close it.

Finally, I decided I will 3 plugins to create opt in form. My blog will load normally.

About install it on post, I use Add to post. It’s old plugin and not update from 2012. It’s very useful, easy to use, so I still install it. I’ve been use it about a long time, I don’t see any problem about secure.

I use Pop up by Supsystic plugin to create pop up. Pop up is a good way and it make visitors feel uncomfortable. I configure it’s open one time and after 10 minutes visited.

On side bar, I use Aweber plugin. Because I use Aweber service to send email campaign and autoresponder. Aweber plugin was optimiration for their services. There is another interesting item. It’s supported additional feature when visitors comment. They will be notificated add to my list by tick”v” into box.

There are 3 main locations. I also many blogger use hello bar. It’s on top of site. It is used to update new notification or insert opt in form. So I also use hello bar to create more form.

To have hello bar on your site, you need install plugin Hello bar and sign up a free account Hellobar.com with a few features. If you need more features for your blog, you can use paid version. Beside, there are another services to install hello bar.

Any another location like exit pop up or at bottom, I install it at late time. After I test my blog about speed. About at bottom, there is Getsitecontrol is good plugin. It’s also supported sharing on social media, live chat…

I will write guide all plugin, you can see

  • Add to post
  • Pop up by Supsystic
  • Aweber
  • Hello bar
  • Getsitecontrol


Next post, I will talk about Push Notification. It’s popular on many blog to attract more visitors.

If you have addtional questions, feel free to comment or contact on Contact page, Live chat

Thank you for reading!

P.S: You feel my post is very long. You don’t have enough time to read, you can download and read later.


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